The Pinnix Family
The Lord has clearly prepared the Pinnix Family for the difficult work of carrying the Gospel to remote Alaska.
John Pinnix first moved to a homestead in rural Alaska with his parents in 1973. John later returned to Alaska as a navigator on the Air Force E-3 AWACS, this time with a family of his own. In the Air Force, John received vital training in navigation and arctic survival skills.
John and his family are active members of the Independent Baptist Church of Anchorage. John took a leading role in starting the Remote Alaska Missions (a ministry of Independent Baptist Church) to reach the Alaska Bush by boat, airplane, and snowmachine. John coordinates resources, logistics, and people and leads trips into the Alaskan Bush. Since Remote Alaska Missions began, John has spent much of his personal time and income to take the Gospel to the people of remote Alaska.
John is now a full-time missionary to remote Alaska.

Missions in Remote Alaska
In Alaska, over 250 communities are not accessible by road and 100 communities have less than 100 residents. Thousands of homesteads, cabins, subsistence fish camps, and hunting and fishing lodges are scattered throughout the state, often with as much as 50 miles from the nearest neighbor.
Typical Alaskan weather makes air transportation sporadic throughout the year, leaving travelers stranded for weeks at a time and villagers cut off.
Our flights to many of the coastal or interior villages can be the equivalent of flying a small plane from New York City to Louisville, KY or from Atlanta, GA to Houston, TX.
A missions trip to a typical Yukon River village requires a nine hour drive to the Yukon, followed by a minimum of a hundred miles out and back on snowmachines along treacherous river ice in sub-zero temperatures.
Our goals for Remote Alaska Missions:
•Evangelism through preaching services and personal visitation
•Establishment of regular preaching circuits
•Direct discipleship and distribution of tapes, CDs and an online Bible college
•Special summer trips: vacation Bible school, revival tent meetings, etc.
•Support Alaskan missionaries with building projects, transportation, shipping goods, and special meetings.
•Maintain a fund for purchasing fuel for travel to the bush.
•Establish churches under missionary and trained local leadership

3 Responses to About

  1. Diane Hill says:

    Dear Janet and John,

    I have enjoyed watching this powerful video… thank you for sharing it with me. We will be praying for you. What a blessing you are to the Native Alaskans.

  2. Derek Peninger says:

    Keep going in the faith and be determined to work hard to succeed in the ministry. I will
    do my best to pray for you as often and as hard as I can. I wish wonderful blessings for you from God.

  3. Wendy McCauley says:

    Your appearance at Grays Harbor Baptist Church on June 7, 2012 is a blessing! Thank you for your straight talk about your mission for God and His Word! You and your family are, and will continue to be, in my prayers.

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